Hello world!

12 10 2009

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is my first post.
My Name is Delmos Wade and this is my spanking new blog.
I’m jumping in the cyber community with both feet to add to the collage of tormented souls out there sharing there warped minds and ideals. Me…Im a music man… I’ve dedicated my entire life to the quest for inspiration! That elusive spirit that comes and goes as it pleases and can make any person a musical genius at it’s whim. “Music writes itself”… those are words I live by. I just make sure I’m in the lab when the magic happens! My roots lay with my crew Abstract Workshop… a collective of musical maniacs that put their creative foot forward to make sure that there is not only good music out there circulating but there is also a place to play it loud and celebrate it with other like minded cats! peep the website www.abstract-workshop.com. The heads of the Workshop are Deejay Cocoe, Josh One, Scott Coats and Jud Nester… They have created something real special!
I write, produce and perform music with all types of random cats… really Im into everything but my heart is still captivated by the funk and soul cats from the 70’s. I can’t get enough… So thats probably what is going to take over this blog, not too sure, It’s gonna be a day to day thing!.
Well this is my official hello to you all out there in cyber space, and I look forward to spillng out my mental and musical messages for everyone! hahaha
Hope all is well out there…




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