13 10 2009

Had to big up the homie Dj Truly Odd… He’s been filling up the DJ’s record crates for years now as one of the premier taste makers of Southern Cali’s Hip Hop culture. Not only is he a hard as nails DJ he happens to be one of the best people I have met in this wacky music industry! He’s got his record pool up since 1996 and is still killing it…. peep this LA landmark!



Established in 1996
The Heavyweights is an elite group of dj’s playing and breaking new music. We are the outlet for independent and major record labels to get their records in the hands of the most active radio, club and special event dj’s here in Los Angeles and around the world. We are the dj’s who actually play and promote good records to large audiences.

We receive music from record labels and artists, and get it to the dj’s directly. We make it easy for record labels and listeners to have one spot to get in touch with the hottest djs spinning. The Heavyweights are the most influential dj’s in the industry, we are the key dj’s that will listen to, spin, create an awareness and make an impact for your music.

Our dj’s play all styles of Hip Hop, Reggae/Dancehall, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Club, Mash-Up’s etc…


Join up and get involved….

Peep out the site for the newest mixtapes and news comming from the Heart of LA’s music scene….heavyweights.com




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