Hodges, James & Smith – 1975

26 10 2009



Hodges, James & Smith were originally known as Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford (former Motown artist Carolyn(Caroline)Crawford).They later became a trio..Pat Hodges, Denita James & Jessica Smith… all originating from Los Angeles. Denita James had a solo single on Flip around ‘63 and Pat Hodges had a solo release Keymen around ‘66. The group was the brainchild of William “Micky” Stevenson and they were intended to rival The Supremes which is hard to believe because H, J & S’s sound was more aggressive and a lot more Soul/R&B oriented. Their first single was ‘Nobody’ on the Mpingo Label(previously a hit for Kim Weston on MGM). They updated it later for one of their 20th Century albums in the 70s. So there are two versions released by them.

Side A

1 Nobody (3:18)
2 Power Of Your Love (3:12)
3 Momma (3:05)
4 Monkeyshine (3:18)
5 He Did Me Wrong, He Did Me Right (3:04)

Side B
1 I Who Have Nothing (5:35)
2 Sexy Ways (4:20)
3 Rusty Old Halo (4:27)
4 West Virginia Symphony (3:31)




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