Betty Davis

27 10 2009
betty davis
Betty Davis
is an American funk, rock and soul singer. She was also Miles Davis’s second wife. After the breakup of her marriage with Miles Davis, Betty moved to London to pursue her modeling career. She wrote music while in the UK and returned to the US with the intention of recording songs with Santana. Instead, she organized a group of talented West Coast funk musicians to make her own recordings.
Her first record, Betty Davis, was released in 1973. It had impressive lyrics and funky grooves on songs such as “Anti Love Song,” as well as an impressive list of musicians:
• Neal Schon (Santana/Journey) – guitar
• Gregg Errico (Sly & The Family Stone) – drums
• Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone and eponym of Graham Central Station) – bass
• Patryce Banks (Graham Central Station) – percussion
• Willie Sparks (Graham Central Station) – drums
• Hershall Kennedy (Graham Central Station) – horns
• Greg Adams (Tower of Power) – horns
• Mic Gillette (Tower of Power) – horns
• Merl Saunders – electric piano
• Pete Sears – acoustic piano
• The Pointer Sisters – background vocals
Davis released two more studio albums, They Say I’m Different (1974) and Nasty Gal (1975). None of the three albums were commercial successes. Davis remained a cult figure as a singer, due in part to her open sexual attitude, which was controversial for the time. Some of her shows were boycotted and her songs not played on the radio due to pressure by religious groups. With the passage of time her records have become highly regarded by collectors of soul and funk music. Davis eventually stopped making music and returned to Pennsylvania. Both Betty Davis and They Say I’m Different were re-released by Seattle’s Light in the Attic Records on May 1, 2007.


Anti-Love Song

They Say I’m Different


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