J Dilla

20 12 2009

James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

Dilla is one my personal favorite hip hop producer… His influence on the music world is obvious. His raw style and distinct drum programing has made him one of the most loved, respected and mimicked producers of our time.
Dilla has had such a strong impact on me and the way I make music that his name itself has become an adjective in my vocabulary.
“..Dilla that up” will be heard in my lab when the drums don’t have the swagger I want or the raw edge isn’t there.
Coming to the end of 2009 Dilla’s legacy is set in stone with countless “Dillaciples” keeping his memory alive as they take his enormous influence and it let inspire a whole new era of music. Long Live J Dilla…..
“J Dilla was one of the music industry’s most influential hip-hop artists”





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