Prodigy…Mobb Deep

21 03 2010

Prodigy put his lifetime in between the papers’ lines. He’s the quiet storm nigga who fight rhymes. P, yeah, you heard of him, the haunting lead vocalist who, along with partner-n-rhyme, Havoc, propelled Mobb Deep to platinum heights. On his solo releases,  Prodigy of Mobb Deep unveils a slew of gems that takes listeners on a journey through life, death and the pains of living in this cruel world. Prodigy’s distinct off-beat/on-beat rhyme style has effectively made him one of the most prolific emcees in hip-hop. “When I write rhymes I think about who is poppin’ right now. I try to come with some other sh*t that nobody is saying or if they did I twist my sh*t, so it sounds different.”

Delmos and Prodigy in the studio in Queens…




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