New Music Monday – FREE DOWNLOAD

31 05 2010

Every Monday on Funk Face we bring you the gift of free music to download and get you through each week!

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Graffiti/Optical Illusion

30 05 2010

Graffiti, the most controversial art form has become a complex and diverse visual culture with its own language, standards, categories and history. Now the traditional graffiti art has been contrived into attention-grabbing graphic clichés, to leave a lasting cultural mark. The creativity of the graffiti artists has expanded into many art forms, but the optical illusion is the most interesting part. Using the 3D art form, these artists play a trick on the mind using size, shapes, and lines.

Urban graffiti art can make you doubt your eyes. Don’t trust my words? Just check some of these best graffiti optical illusions ever captured. Enjoy!

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Once graffiti art was an outlet for political activist to express themselves but now the art form has worked its way into many other areas such as graphic design and digital photography.
If you like this innovative way of beautifying our streets and buildings, please comment in to give your vote.

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Town Teaches Kids Graffiti as Art

30 05 2010

The town of Crawley England have announced a class for children aged 8 and up to improve their graffiti skills!!!!

The course will teach these young minds how to express themselves with graffiti, as well as teaching them about the responsible uses of paint.

“I can’t wait to see the trains and busses in that town 10 years from now”!!!!!


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Kicks For Kicks – MP3 High Heels

30 05 2010

Channel Five’s The Gadget Show presenters Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury were each asked to create a wearable gadget of the future.
With some ideas in mind they turned to product design and innovation consultants Smallfry to help make their ideas a reality.
Suzi Perry opted to develop a pair of futuristic MP3 shoes to house the electronics within the soles of the high-heeled shoes.

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Skinny 50 Cent: Looks Crack-ish

28 05 2010

The Daily Mirror reports that the muscular rapper has been on a crash diet for his latest part in ‘Things Fall Apart’, where he is scheduled to play an American football star battling cancer.

50 Cent posted the images on Twitter, after spending three hours a day on a treadmill in a bid to drop 25kg.

“I was starving,” said 50.

The hip hop icon has assured fans he will soon return to his fighting fit best. “I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time,” he insisted.



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It’s Your Thing!

28 05 2010

Isley Brothers!!!


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Mozambique – Laguna Beach

26 05 2010

Delmos is playing an acoustic set tonight @ Mozambique in Laguna Beach!

Just Delmos and a grand piano…. This is his first time doing a gig like this,

Come out and vibe!

1740 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-7100