Vladimir Kush

19 10 2011

Kush was born in 1965 in Moscow and began to draw and show his artistic ability at the age of three or four. His father, Oleg encouraged his natural talent at an early age. He also did his best to provide his son with books of romantic travel by hard to get (and sometimes banned) authors such as Jules Verne, Jack London and Herman Melville. At the age of seven, Kush began attending art school in Russia. The first half of his day was in regular school, doing normal lessons, and the second half of the day spent in art classes until nine PM. Kush entered the Moscow Art Institute at seventeen, and a year later, began two years of compulsory military service. However he was soon commissioned to paint propagandistic posters, rather than perform the functions of regular infantry.

Kush states that his style has been influenced by these major artists: Monet, Botticelli, Bosch, Van Gogh, Durer, Schinkel, Vermeer and Dali. Becoming weary of the Cézanne painting style which he focused on at art school, Kush then went to surreal images as a teenager and painted his first surreal image at the age of fourteen. Kush experimented with various styles of impressionism after reading a book on works of Salvador Dalí one of the artists whom he found highly influential in earlier and in fact later life. Kush was also strongly influenced by his father, a mathematician who believed that his son’s realistic paintings showed the artist’s professional skill. His father believed they drew the audience in to accept the impossible images and explore the different levels of meaning since they were painted realistic enough to see the metaphors contained in them.




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