Delmos Wade

Hailing from Long Beach California, Delmos Wade ’s  soul creation has arrived. Armed with a  band of  talented all-star musicians Delmos Wade delivers Curtis Mayfield & D’Angelo-esque soul swagger.Delmos debuted his talents to the world on Greyboy’s 2009 release “Era Correct” collaborating  with him on that albums first single “Guitar String” realeased on SOUNDLoCK recordings. Following the success of the single Delmos and Greyboy collaborated to create “From the Ground Up” a full length LP displaying the talents of both these amazing musical minds on each gem on the record. Released in January 2010 and is currently available online at iTunes and most online music locations!

Delmos Wade is currently working on his first solo debut set for release in January 2013! (leaking all the works in progress here on funk face! aww yea, with Delmos’s blessings of course!)






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18 responses

11 12 2009

Nice. who dosen’t dig the funk. basslines & ill strings

12 12 2009

hood rock nation!!!

13 12 2009
Todd Smith

Alright man, I’m about 3/4 thru “From the Ground Up” and I am totally feelin this. Very groovey n soulful. So chill to listen to, but not boring. You got it man! Def can hear your experience in this track. Man, if DJ Greyboy is out sick and you need some drums for a jam sesh, give me a buzz. Relistening “From the… Ground Up” it was so good. Once I listen to other tracks, I’ll give some more feeback. peace

16 12 2009

Guitar string!!! that’s whats up!!! fuggin love this shit!

18 12 2009

not bad jud, not bad! keep up the good work. (now you KNOW it’s good if ashley d says it!) xoxox

21 12 2009

jud, you’re the man.. loving the new sounds, brother… great time at the commonwealth lounge last week – you sound great, don’t ever stop.

23 12 2009
Yellow Eyed Doll

All I want for Christmas is this CD. GIMME! 😉 ❤

25 05 2010
marcus white

your shoe is sooooooo sexyyyyyy i love it so much : )

8 06 2010

Nice tunes Mike, like it! Thanks for the post, keep me updated on you and latest.

14 06 2010
Anatoly Ice

Wicked! Love each and every track!.. Well almost each!
Thanks for such a great stuff!

19 07 2010
mbt shoes

Thank you very much for the information great post, found it on Yahoo.

10 08 2010

Dude, saw you guys perform at Basement Lounge… lovin the material. “I don’t Know,” man that’s my jam…. I’m a Long Beach local, you guys represent in a real way, keep it up!

26 08 2010
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16 09 2010
Big Barnes

yo yo peemp’n Keep’n my soul moving with goosebumps from ear to ear. Peace Homeslice!! Still got the ol’school cd blastin in the Cadi. When you coming to F-dizzle?

6 12 2010

abstract workshop. whoop whoop! LBC alll the dayum dayyy. keep it up jnesta! 🙂

14 01 2011

Yo it would be great if you guys recorded a live session cd. Im from VA and saw yo guys in Newport Beach and you guys were awesome. Keep up the good work.

27 02 2011
Delmos Wade encounter Panda Pete | Indie Rock Reviews

[…] toast, “To music & the people who love it.”  That simple statement from the Delmos Wade resonated in my cartooning cranium.  The ensuing funk got me thinking…  What is this all […]

10 05 2011
Rude Morales

Very Dope, bro!

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