Ras MG – DJ for Sublime and Long Beach Dub All Stars comes correct for Funk Face with a mixtape compiled of Hip Hop gems! Free Download!!! enjoy

1. The Hustle by De LA Soul
2. A Million and 1 Questions by Jay Z
3. 1,2 Pass It by D & D Allstars
4. The Doe by Diamond in the Ruff
3. Time’s Up by O.C.
4. Tried by 12 by East Flatbush Project
5. Dat Gangsta Shit by Fat Joe
6. Same Ol Thing by A Tribe Called Quest
7. Consequences by Consequence
8. Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 by The Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
9. F**ck The Police by Jay D
10.The Long Way by Delmos Wade


The master J Dilla will live on forever… The Roots are part of an enormous fan/fam base keeping his legacy thriving…..
In an act of great musicianship the legendary Roots-crew pay respect to the late and great J Dilla offering their renditions of the producer’s greatest hits. AMAZING….. Enjoy the highest form of appreciation.



4 responses

23 04 2010
Rock The Boat

werrd, man. thanks.

25 10 2010

The Roots Dilla Joints is sooooooooo dope !!! thanx for sharing

25 10 2010

i love the bamboos, that’s a sweet mix, thanks for sharing.

28 02 2011

Funtastical to the nth man. Way cool. Word.

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