Abstract Workshop

its the worrrkshop!

Abstract Workshop is a musical entity that came to life in February of 1998 taking its first shape as an Orange County Monthly event. Founding fathers DeeJay Cocoe, Josh One, Jud Nester and Scott Coats put their love of music to action by presenting their creative starved community with a hot spot for music enthusiasts and forming their alliance as the Abstract Workshop Collective. Over the years Abstract Workshop has developed into a breeding ground for talent with an open door networking style that has branded their name and logo in the minds of music lovers everywhere. After their 3rd year the Workshop had established themselves in the hearts and minds of the scene as the spot for quality hip hop shedding light on up-and-coming and established artists. Sharing the stage with acts like Phife (Tribe Called Quest), Black Eyed Peas, Atmosphere, Living Legends, Latyrics, and Freestyle Fellowship, Big Daddy Kane  just to name a few, the Abstract Workshop Collective is now shown and proved and ready for their next course of action.

Now on their 12 year anniversary the Abstract Workshop collective is expanding their influence to touch the world. Stay Tuned….


CocoeDeejay Cocoe – MySpace / Facebook

Josh OneJosh One – MySpace / Facebook

ScottScott Coats – MySpace / Facebook

JudJud Nester – MySpace / Facebook


Blogs: Funk Face

The MixUp

Peep the Abstract Workshop Podcast!!!!


OC Weekly-

Abstract Workshop Turns 10

Well Spun

Abstract Art

Hip Hop Hope

Ladies Night


Workshop Gallery………………

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5 responses

23 10 2009
dj truly odd

cool blog delmos!!!

25 10 2009
Bobby Soul

Nice work on keys last thursday at Tantalum

26 10 2009
brent crampton

Nice blog – good to hear from you brother!

17 12 2009
Josh One « F u n k F a c e

[…] Abstract Workshop […]

18 12 2009
Yellow Eyed Doll

LOVE LOVE loving this AS ALWAYS you kill it doll!

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