Jud Nester

......Thats My Dog!!!!!.......Sweet baby girl.... Bunny Blue Wailer

Jud Nester is a musical renaissance man with a vast array of capabilities, not only creative but technical as well. He started his music career at age twelve when recruited for a young singing group as the rapper/dancer. Right off the bat he showed his talents by writing his own material as well as becoming deeply involved with the producers in the making of all the music. By age fourteen he expanded and began to DJ at local clubs and house parties, making a name for himself as a musical trendsetter and freestyle lyricist. By age sixteen he had set up his first DJ Company and was already promoting a self produced demo. Always furthering his capabilities he attended the California Institute of Concert Sound Engineering in Anaheim California. After completing two of the five levels he was hired on full time buy an “A” level touring sound company (ShowTeck Productions). After his completion of C.I.C.S.E. he became well versed in all aspects of live production. Jud worked every position an engineer could work from monitors, front of house, system engineer to full production management. The experience put him on the front lines of the music industry with a variety of artists from the Commodores, Chaka Kahn, Joe Sample, and Etta James to DJ Quick, Wu Tang Clan and Redman giving him the first hand look at what it takes, not only musically, but technically to create a memorable production. By his early twenty’s he focused his energy on combining his, technical know how with his creative visions by expanding his DJ company into a full production house (Imagination Sound LLC) and began promoting his own events to test market new ideas and talent Abstract Workshop became the most visible and award winning, all the while continuously building a catalog of original music. After compiling several albums worth of material and production ideas he has set his sights for the stage as a performer/producer. His overall goal is to bring heart back into the music industry through creative freedom, solid business relations, and a pure love for music and its creative process “from garage to grandstands”. Jud is now a trained professional in his creative tasks and is ready for the world. With a number of shows under his belt and the experience needed to tackle such a chaotic industry Jud Nester is a name to know, possessing a style all his own to be recognized.
In November of 2006 Jud debuted a self release single that made all heads turn his way as it blazed up the Billboard Hip Hop and R&B Sales Chart for 3 months topping acts like Eminem, Jay-z and Beyonce. Debuting at number 4 he shocked his way into the hearts of many with a humorous spoof hip hop track titled “U Shoulda Seen Her on Myspace”. Once he caught the attention of the people Jud began making sure he displayed his depth as an artist with the numerous projects that he is a part of.
Looking towards 2010 Jud has his goals set and his focus back to the stage. Creating a live performance based around his own personal music as well as a vastly talented plethora of other musicians, songwriters, producers, performers and DJ’s adding their input and gifts to bring to life a memorable live experience. With Jud’s focus and dynamics working at their full potential be sure to keep this man on your radar, the quality has been time tested and fan approved.
Jud nester


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17 12 2009
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[…] Josh One 17 12 2009 For over ten years, DJ/Producer Josh One has found a way to separate himself from the rat race of cookie cutter producers. From the anthemic to the most eclectic riddims, you wont be able to label or categorize him. From his platinum remix of Nappy Roots “Po Folks” (Grammy nominated), to his own records like “Contemplation” and “Narrow Path”, Josh has always displayed his talents and gifts with his own distinct style ! With a keen ear for details and an inherent quality that helped him establish the highly influential collective, Abstract Workshop dating back to the mid 90’s with partners, Cocoe, Scott Coats and Jud Nester. […]

25 05 2011
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[…] no money and it sucked me in. Without a doubt…..much respect to RAS MG aka Marshall Goodman, Jud Nester, Philieano, LD Technicali, Henry Strange, DVINE1, Jack Maness, Mike Happbolt, , Rickshaw, Mike […]

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