Graffiti/Optical Illusion

30 05 2010

Graffiti, the most controversial art form has become a complex and diverse visual culture with its own language, standards, categories and history. Now the traditional graffiti art has been contrived into attention-grabbing graphic clichés, to leave a lasting cultural mark. The creativity of the graffiti artists has expanded into many art forms, but the optical illusion is the most interesting part. Using the 3D art form, these artists play a trick on the mind using size, shapes, and lines.

Urban graffiti art can make you doubt your eyes. Don’t trust my words? Just check some of these best graffiti optical illusions ever captured. Enjoy!

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Once graffiti art was an outlet for political activist to express themselves but now the art form has worked its way into many other areas such as graphic design and digital photography.
If you like this innovative way of beautifying our streets and buildings, please comment in to give your vote.

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

23 04 2010


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Mear One

21 11 2009

Born 1971 as Kalen Ockerman in Santa Cruz, CA, is a Los Angeles-based fine artist, famously known for his often-political streetart. Commonly referred to as the ‘Michaelangelo’ of graffiti, Mear One is commonly associated with CBS (Can’t Be Stopped – City Bomb Squad) and WCA (West Coast Artist) crews. As a graphic designer, Mear One has designed apparel for Conart, Kaotic, as well as his own Reform brand. Mear One has done album covers for artists like Freestyle Fellowship, Busdriver, and Daddy Kev.