How to Draw Graffiti Letters of the Alphabet: A – Z

17 10 2012

Paes164 breaking it down….. He not only breaks down each letter but he also goes through

What Is Bubble or Old-School Style?

Flaring for Shadowing

What Is Wildstyle Graffiti?

Avoiding and Fixing Drips

 What Is Tagging?

What Is Blockbuster Style?

Layering Tips

Cutting Tips

What Kind of Spray Paint Should You Use?

Creating a 3D Effect

How to Draw Graffiti Letters of the Alphabet: A-Z

37 videos total, so as one finishes the next one should start!


Graffiti Alphabet 2

10 07 2011

Town Teaches Kids Graffiti as Art

30 05 2010

The town of Crawley England have announced a class for children aged 8 and up to improve their graffiti skills!!!!

The course will teach these young minds how to express themselves with graffiti, as well as teaching them about the responsible uses of paint.

“I can’t wait to see the trains and busses in that town 10 years from now”!!!!!


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