J Dilla and Sade !!!!!!!! WOW

1 05 2010

Josh One back again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dilla Soldier (Josh One Edit)

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The Roots – Dilla Joints

9 04 2010

The master J Dilla will live on forever… The Roots are part of an enormous fan/fam base keeping his legacy thriving…..

In an act of great musicianship the legendary Roots-crew pay respect to the late and great J Dilla offering their renditions of the producer’s greatest hits. AMAZING….. Enjoy the highest form of appreciation.

01. Donuts Outro 

02. Hot Shit (I’m Back!) 

03. World Full Of Sadness

04. Upper Egypt

05. Stereolab

06. The Stars

07. Antiquity (feat. The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Dillchestra)

08. She Said

09. Hall & Oates

10. Eve

11. Look Into Her Eyes

12. Make Em NV

13. Oh! O!

14. Wicked Ways


Happy Birthday J Dilla !!!!!!

8 02 2010

James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006),[1] better known by the stage names J Dilla and Jay Dee, was an American Grammy Nominated record producer who emerged from the mid-1990s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, Michigan.

One of the music industry’s most influential hip-hop artists in history!

King – Jay Stay Paid – 2009 – 1:27

I Told Yall – Jay Stay Paid – 2009 – 2:48

caDILLAc – Jay Stay Paid – 2009 – 2:00

KJay FM Dedication – Jay Stay Paid – 2009 – 0:56

J Dilla

20 12 2009

James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

Dilla is one my personal favorite hip hop producer… His influence on the music world is obvious. His raw style and distinct drum programing has made him one of the most loved, respected and mimicked producers of our time.
Dilla has had such a strong impact on me and the way I make music that his name itself has become an adjective in my vocabulary.
“..Dilla that up” will be heard in my lab when the drums don’t have the swagger I want or the raw edge isn’t there.
Coming to the end of 2009 Dilla’s legacy is set in stone with countless “Dillaciples” keeping his memory alive as they take his enormous influence and it let inspire a whole new era of music. Long Live J Dilla…..
“J Dilla was one of the music industry’s most influential hip-hop artists”



30 11 2009

Exile, is a legend waiting to be acknowledged as one. With continuos creativity pushing him to the edge every time , he consistantly shows us that he is a true musician looking for the bliss of that next track!

His first record appearances came as a member of hip hop duo Emanon alongside rapper Aloe Blacc. They released various singles beginning with 1998’s “P.S.I.” before releasing their debut album, Anon & On. After 2002, Exile went on to release one more Emanon album well as a solo album, 2006’s Dirty Science, and another collaborative effort, 2007’s Below the Heavens. The latter album was critically acclaimed for Exile’s productions and raps by new artist Blu. Exile’s guest production work with artists including Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Kardinal Offishall and Jurassic 5 is also renowned. He claims his influences to be contemporary producers J Dilla, Jon Brion and Madlib. He is known for “coarsely chopped beats” that give off “laid back soulful vibes.”



  • Dirty Science (2006)
  • Radio (2009)


  • “Stretch Marx” (1995) cassette
  • “Imaginary Friends” (1996) cassette
  • “PSI, Outside looking in” (1997)
  • “Dawns Second Coming” (1998) cassette
  • “Acid 9” (1998)
  • “Mc’s Like Me” (1999)
  • Anon & On (2002)
  • The Waiting Room (2004)

With Blu

With Fashawn

With Blame One

  • Days Chasing Days (March 2009)