WARCHURCH Turntable Band

26 08 2011


Jed’s Eye Instrumental Intentions vol 3.0

20 07 2011

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4 06 2011

Jed’s Eye

10 05 2011

Instrumental Intentions vol 1.0
Collaborative instrumental works from the production duo “Jed’s Eye” (Erick “Jesus” Coomes and Delmos Wade)

Tabasxo Alley – Horn Blast

9 03 2011

Super Fly Funk Project made up of a cast of the supreme but illusive session players of the world that ended up in the right studio, on the right night, on the right vibe and with the right chemistry to create the perfect storm of funk delicacies. Lucky for us that session was recorded and you can hear one of those tracks it here…

Delmos Wade Live!!!!

14 08 2010

Live @ the Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton (8/3/10)

New Music Mondays – FREE DOWNLOAD

5 07 2010

Every Monday on Funk Face we bring you the gift of free music to download and get you through each week!

Song – I’m In

Album – DJ Greyboy and Delmos Wade “From The Ground Up”

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