Jed’s Eye

10 05 2011

Instrumental Intentions vol 1.0
Collaborative instrumental works from the production duo “Jed’s Eye” (Erick “Jesus” Coomes and Delmos Wade)


The Backbone…..BASS

18 11 2009



The music man himself…. Erick “Jesus” Coomes is one of those rare individuals that not only has the ear of a musical genius but has the skill and talent that only comes from years of diligence on his instrument. I have the pleasure of creating with him on a regular basis and time and time again his genius shines through. Truly genuine individual who has his mind on his music and his music on his mind…

Here is a sample of the vast variety of work complimented by the stylings of Jesus!


w/ Eric Krasno

Hou$e Money

Eminem and Dr. Dre

DJ Quick

Britney Spears

Ryan Leslie


Head Trip!!!!

28 10 2009

This will twist your head…follow the instructions!!!!

Tabasxo Alley – HORN BLAST

27 10 2009

Super Fly Funk Project made up of a cast of the supreme but illusive session players of the world that ended up in the right studio, on the right night, on the right vibe and with the right chemistry to create the perfect storm of funk delicacies. Lucky for us that session was recorded and you can hear it here on FUNK FACE…


I got my hands on a pre release from this mind blowing project…I have not yet heard what they intend to do with it, but I have the exclusive here for you to give a listen to… I’m diggin’ every minute of it!!!!

Octagon Soup
Horn Blast
Heavy Funk
It Aint Nuthin’
Sly Slick Slippery
Baseline Rocks

Jesus shows us…It’s safe to Rock!

21 10 2009

unsafe rock area

old/new School… – Move On Up

16 10 2009

Curtis Mayfeild


the Funk lives Forever!!!!!

Adam Deitch – Illest Drummer I know!!!!

14 10 2009

Adam Deitch
Ok Ok Ok…..I Said It!!! Illest Drummer I know! I know a lot of baaaaad M*#f*^@ers that pound on those skins so please don’t take that statement lightly. As far as my taste is concerned this is the cat that sits right in the pocket that gets me. I was introduced to Dietch by my good friends Jesus and TycoonTycoon by the way is one of the illest drummers ever as well and it’s a tricky compliment I’m putting on Deitch. Tycoon is the sickest hip hop producer I know! Big words from this small dude but I had to give him his props before I big up Deitch some more! hahaha…
The first time I saw Deitch play was at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica with Lettuce where he took a solo that had my head spinning. It was one of those solos that the drummer is moving so fast you can’t see his hands but the tempo was at a slow head nod..
I was mesmerized! Not trying to blow it out too hard but I gotta blog it as I feel it. Every time I have caught any performance of his I have been beyond impressed! Peep this youtube clip out of just a basic soundcheck to give you a slight taste of his pocket…then make sure to check out the links to all his projects, I’m a huge fan of every single one!!

Fyre Department

Break Science


Royal Family Records