Coming Soon!!!! Ariano meets Delmos Wade

5 11 2010

Ariano (Technicali/Return of the Dream Team/Kill You Beautiful) meets

Delmos Wade (Abstract Workshop/Soundlock/Warchurch)…

“At first Ariano asked me to do just one remix and of course I was hype to do it, when he heard what I did he really felt the sound and style so he asked me to do more… that turned into this little box of gems!” – Delmos

Ariano brought some of his most prolific work from the past to the table and Delmos has woven his flavor in seamlessly by re working and producing a new musical palate for these amazing tracks and lacing them with sparse and soulful vocals, bringing these songs into a new sonic spectrum and pocket that Ariano eats alive!!!

Guests on this project include: LD on the cut (Technicali), U-God (Wu-Tang), LMNO (Visionaries), Philieano (Skunk Records), Nu3tron, Jack Spade and the bass cadet himself Mike Long (too many to list).

Track List

R.I.P. Radio

All The Same

I Gotta Get Mine (feat. U-God, Nu3tron, Jack Spade)

You Never Know (feat. Philieano)

Now I Have To Go (feat. LMNO)

… all cuts by LD