SOUNDLoCK recordings

DJ GREYBOY has ventured out on his own with a new record label SOUNDLoCK recordings! Dedicated to putting out quality sounds for people who love music, the first two releases are just that. Greyboy returns after a 3 year hiatus with his new album ‘ERA CORRECT’ featuring Casual, Main Flow, & Delmos Wade, as well as cameo appearances by Greyboy Allstars heavy hitters, Karl Denson and Elgin Park. Following up next is Delmos Wade, as he takes the front seat for his debut lp ‘From The Ground Up’. Co-produced by Greyboy, this album is a gritty soul banger with jazz, funk, and hip hop influences that are sure to satisfy all the serious beat heads.

Click below to listen and/or purchase some of the new Soundlock releases!!

For booking, licensing and production info –


8 responses

18 05 2010
mike morris

Have you guys ever thought about signing a hip-hop artist, i’m very hungry ambitious and i really love all types of music. my stage name is head banger boogie and i’m from buffalo new york a place just itching for someone to make it.

28 06 2010

Submit some tunes man !
I’ll peep it… send them to

5 07 2010
Jay Bearpaw

Yo Jud, Really like the trax you got up on here! Niceness!

21 09 2010
Ian Mitchell

Very dope and soothing sound! Props!

18 11 2010

I am looking at the July 2007 Dwell article on the Opdahl house and trying to find Andreas Stevens. Have I succeeded? If so can you please email me back, I want to ask you some questions about the staircase featured in this article. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, has quite possibly ruined my life, and is apparently very difficult to reproduce! Help.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Anne Spalding
Grand Junction, Colorado

If this is not Andreas but whomever is reading it knows how to contact him and can pass that information along I would be forever grateful.

24 11 2010

where can I buy some of these releases? I am having some trouble

16 12 2010
26 01 2011


Missin somthin… wow !!! thats all i can say

How can i listen to greyboy’s old tracks online? i had his cd in 2003 and i lost it ! ! !

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